Nevado welcomes Sun K to the label and announce new album

Nevado is thrilled to welcome Toronto’s Sun K to the label, and announce the release of their upcoming new album titled Bleeding Hearts on October 19, 2018.

In the mean time, check out the first single “Back to Massachusetts” via Spotify or Soundcloud.

Lead singer and guitarist, Kristian Montano says he would look back on the songs found on Bleeding Hearts and believe them to be epic stories, but inevitably they were simple things he and the group had endured together. “It's often said that art imitates life and this is especially true with our new record Bleeding Hearts. We set out to capture every human emotion we as individuals felt and wore on our sleeves with complete transparency. Sometimes it feels like your whole world is slipping through your fingers. Bleeding Hearts is an encapsulation of the internal chaos and struggle we all experience as we figure out who we are, and a celebration in knowing that it's all part of life's journey.”

Operating as a five-piece ensemble, Kristian Montano (Vox/Guitar), Stuart Retallack (Keys, Horns, Vox), Kevin Michael Butler (Vox, Guitar, Violin), Scott Tiller (Drums) and Gil Paul (Bass), the band’s sound blends the strident particulars of rock music with the gentle and sharp purview of folk in surprising places. 

Nick Bernal