Brandon Wolfe Scott

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Over the past five years on the road as one third of Yukon Blonde, Brandon Wolfe Scott penned notebooks full of playful new-country ditties, purely for fun – writing songs under an alter ego named Dusty Summers. With the band on break between albums and for the first time not touring in 2013, Scott found himself revisiting those old notebooks and connecting with lyrics that he had once considered “a joke”. 

“I ended up really loving some of the songs, such as Postcard Writer. So I decided to salvage them in a way that was more me, you know drop the low country voice that I was putting on and play them more like how I normally would. They were just nice songs, so I reworked the lyrics to make them sound less hokey and more meaningful.” 

Touring internationally and receiving a long list of accolades (including a Juno Nomination, Two Polaris Prize Nominations and a SiriusXM Indie Win) with the BC indie rock trio, exposed Scott to a macrocosm of music and sounds. But what influenced him the most was home; specifically his Grandfather’s home in Vancouver, BC, where he would crash in between tours. There was a lot of cribbage and a lot of country music. 

“My Grandfather would just put on the greatest little country records all day long and we would just sit and bull shit about old country guys - like Floyd Cramer who was a great piano player and Sons of the Pioneers and I guess it really came through in my songs.”

Scott is currently in the process of giving his old lines from old notebooks a new life, with new music coming soon….